Protect Your TV Against
Unexpected Repair Bills

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We'll cover your TV & Remote against mechanical & electrical breakdown up to £500 in any one year.

£0 Call-Out

There is no call-out charge when you have a breakdown with your TV and we cover all parts and labour needed for the repair up to the Individual Claim Limit of your policy.

FREE Repair or New Appliance!

If we can't repair your TV we'll arrange for the delivery of a new TV up to the declared value of the item, or provide an alternative cash settlement†


You can call us out as many times as you like on any of your TV up to the value of the Annual Claim Limit on your policy.


If you need an engineer we'll dispatch one right away from our comprehensive network of 750+ engineers covering the whole of the UK.

Choose Your Cover Level

Pay Monthly

  • TV up to 38"



    / month
  • TV up to 43"



    / month
  • TV up to 50"



    / month
  • TV up to 65"



    / month
  • TV up to 75"



    / month

Pay Annually

  • TV up to 38"



    / year
  • TV up to 43"



    / year
  • TV up to 50"



    / year
  • TV up to 65"



    / year
  • TV up to 75"



    / year



Pay 2-Yearly

  • TV up to 38"



    / 2-Yearly
  • TV up to 43"



    / 2-Yearly
  • TV up to 50"



    / 2-Yearly
  • TV up to 65"



    / 2-Yearly
  • TV up to 75"



    / 2-Yearly



What Types of TV Can You Cover ?

LCD / LED Flat-Panel HD TV

You may cover any make or size of HD (High-Definition) LCD/LED/OLED/QLED flat-panel TV up to 75" in size including 3D Televisions.

TV Breakdown Protection Insurance

LED Ultra-HD (4K) TV

You may cover any make or size of Ultra-HD (or 4K) LCD/LED/OLED/QLED flat-panel TV up to 75" in size including 3D Televisions.

appliances insurance UK

Plasma TV

You may cover any make or size of Plasma flat-panel TV up to 75" in size including 3D Plasma Televisions.

What Makes of TV Can You Cover?

We Cover All Makes of TV

†There is an initial exclusion period of 30 days during which breakdown of the TV is not insured.
Individual claim limit: £500 any one TV. Annual Claim limit £500 any one TV.
Subject to the terms, conditions & exclusions as contained in the full policy.

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We Only Sell Regulated
Insurance Products

We are authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. We are regulated to sell insurance products with the UK. Beware of companies who are are purporting to sell insurance without being regulated.

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Financial Ombudsman Service

If you’ve got a complaint about one of our products or service, you may take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), an independent body established by Parliament to settle disputes between financial companies and their customers.

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Your Premiums
Are Protected

Our insurance products are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This means you may be entitled to compensation if the insurer cannot meet their obligations. Most insurance contracts are covered for 90% of the claim.


We're Here
7-Days A Week

Our helplines are open 7-days a week.
We'll be here when you need us.


14-Day Money Back

All our policies come with a comprehensive 14-day money back guarantee.

Customer FeedBack

5-Star Customer Ratings

Our Customers Consistently Rate Our TV Protection Insurance
With A Top 5-Start Rating for Value, Quality and Service

Insurance Product
Information Document (IPID)

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Full Policy Terms

For further details of the cover provided by this policy,
please download the Full Policy Terms document using the link above


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Authorised & Regulated By The Financial Conduct Authority Financial Services Registration Number: 707133
Registered In England No: 03152770. Registered office: Citibase Suite 538, The Atrium, 1 Harefield Road, Uxbridge, UB8 1PH

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